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support for giant panda's conservatio▓n, disease prevention and artificial propagation work, said researchers. With the conclusion of the Central Economic Work Conference the country's top economic planner is also holding its own meeting to map out strategies for 2010. Government offici▓als have gathered in Beijing to draw up detailed plans to help the country achieve its economic targets. High on the agenda are policies to boost sales of▓ home appliances in rural areas and encourage p

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eople to replace th▓eir old cars with new purchases. Pricing reforms for resources are also expected to come under intense discussion.  One of the expected outcomes of the Copenhagen summit is an agreement to find a legally-binding deal to succeed the Kyoto Protocol when it expires in 2012.The Kyoto Protocol is a workable fi▓rst step in global efforts to coordinate economic weal

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th and ecological concerns. Its greatest value is symbolic 鈥?the world, as one, joining hands to li▓ve up to the responsibility for humanity's present and future.It's now more than ten years si▓nce the treaty was agreed in the ancient Japanese capital, Kyoto.It binds industrialized c▓ountries to cut greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 5 percent from their 1990 level by 2012.But America's refusal to sign up limits the treaty's impact

.The US i▓s the world leader in "greenhouse gas" emissions, accounting for 36 percent o▓f carbon emissions among industrialized countries.In 2001, the Bush administration refused to ratify Kyoto, citing potential damage to the U

S economy.George W. Bush, US President, said, "What we are going ▓to do is to combine our energy strategy with environmental strategy, so that we cou▓ld reduce gas emissions, at the same time allow our economy to▓ grow."But scientists say the majority of emissions ha

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d Europe have produced nearly three-fourths of the carbon dioxide from energy production since 1850▓.Behind the rhetoric on climate change is the bargaining in national interests and a struggle of political powers.A▓nalysts say the main thrust is to create a common formula

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that encompasses both developing natio▓ns and industrialized nations.In 2007, the UN Climate Change Conference adopted the Bali Road Map.Yvo De Boer, UN Framework Covention on Clima▓te Change, said, "Public expectations for Bali to provide answers are big. The eye

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s of the world are upon you. There is huge responsibility for Bali to deliver."The main goal at Bali was to get negotiations

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